Yesterday I had a great time demonstrating at the South County Art Supply. I got to play with watercolor on yupo for an hour with 5 willing participants. I learned that there is translucent yupo. I have to get some of that paper. As always a couple of the participants paint on yupo as well. It is so great to share techniques. The best part is I started two demo paintings that I want to continue.

Of course, I had to pick up some supplies. I bought some high flow transparent acrylics by Golden that I’m going to play with soon. I picked up two Blackwing Palomino pencils to try.

I’m still tinkering with this latest painting.


Given the below zero temperatures for the last few days I’ve been ice painting. It’s a technique I found in a book called Creative Watercolor by Mary Ann Beckwith.  It should be interesting to see what comes of this one which is a work in progress.



These last few weeks I have strayed from watercolor painting and begun to explore Citra Solv Art.

I began by visiting this website . There are a number of techniques to view if you scroll down the page. Here are the How To Videos.

Also check out Robert Burridge’s Citra Art.

Soon I plan to submit a painting for RIWS . I visited the Hope Artiste Farmers Market a few week ago trolling for food subjects for a painting. Luckily I found some wonderful red onions.  I used some of my Yupo paper and liquid watercolor.


The beginning of August was a great time to stretch my painting skills. I took a MASSART course at Bennington, College. I was totally immersed in painting for a week.

I used full sheets of watercolor paper for the first time while painting plein air with Nancy Friese.

Lately I’ve been doing some experimental watercolor painting on Yupo.

I’ve been busy with painting the last two months, I took a gouache portrait workshop for starters. Quite interesting I must say. Gouache is a different animal. I prefer watercolor, but I’m happy to say I learned much about gouache as well as portrait painting. I also became an artist member of the RI Watercolor Society.


My other painting adventures took place at the Roger Williams Park Carousel and the N Kingstown Beach. Pictures to come later.

Last but not least, I have decided to enter a national show. All these show entries inspire me to paint.

Yesterday I attended the RIWS annual member show. It was inspiring to see the work of our artist members. I also thoroughly enjoyed a demonstration of  watercolor technique by Robert Mesrop.

I learned several things about how he views watercolor painting. He mentioned that if you paint  from a photo use it as an inspiration rather than reproducing the image with exactness. His view on brushes is to use large brushes to set up the painting. I loved the way he created lantern lights in his demo.

Yesterday I attended the demonstration by Bill Duke. He showed us some worthwhile techniques as well as talked about watercolorists who have inspired him.

I checked out one of them……………….David Curtis. I love his style of wet into wet.

Here are two of his videos: